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Titan Plus LED 3M Square Motorised Aluminium Pergola


Introducing the Titan Plus 3M Square Aluminium Pergola - an evolution of the Titan design, now featuring substantial enhancements that position it as the pinnacle of pergola excellence.

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Introducing the Titan Plus 3M Square Aluminium Pergola - an evolution of the Titan design, now featuring substantial enhancements that position it as the pinnacle of pergola excellence.

A noticeable absence is the traditional manual roof handle, replaced with an ingenious remote control that effortlessly operates the louvred roof of the Titan Plus pergola. Alternatively, you can take control by downloading the dedicated mobile app. Picture a serene evening in your garden, perhaps with a hot tub session—pair your Titan Plus with the mobile app to prepare your pergola while you step outside.

Many motorized pergolas on the market feature cumbersome, noisy electric motors that detract from the overall experience. The Titan Plus pergola, designed with your comfort in mind, conceals its motor discreetly and operates with hushed precision.

The tilting double-layer louvres enable seamless transitions between a sheltered haven and an open-air expanse, welcoming sunlight to flood in. This adaptability empowers you to enjoy your outdoor space regardless of inclement weather. With the tilting louvres, you can effortlessly track the sun's path from sunrise to sunset, ensuring your ideal balance of sun and shade. In the event of an impromptu downpour, the pergola delivers with its waterproof roof—a quintessential feature for navigating the unpredictable British climate!

The Titan Plus pergola comes equipped with colour-changing LEDs capable of displaying multiple colours simultaneously. Take your pick from 7 solid colour options, including cool white, purple, sky blue, yellow, green, and red. Concerned about the intensity of the LEDs? Worry not, as you have control over brightness, ideal for setting the mood—subdued lighting for intimate hot tub evenings or vibrant colours for lively garden gatherings. Explore the 8 pre-configured colour schemes thoughtfully integrated into the Titan Plus. The LED strip is elegantly positioned just above the guttering of the pergola, casting a captivating glow onto the roof's underside. Once again, you can effortlessly manage the LED lights using the remote control or the mobile app—a smart and sophisticated touch.

Do you own a smart device like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant? Soon, you'll be able to operate the roof louvres and LED lights directly from your voice-activated speaker—a feature we'll notify you about as soon as it becomes available.

Fashioned from aluminium, this chic pergola flaunts 100% waterproof and weather-resistant attributes, ensuring its enduring service in your outdoor oasis. The framework boasts a TIGER Drylac powder coating that delivers exceptional UV resistance and corrosion protection, representing the most environmentally friendly and effective coating technology available. These weather-resistant qualities translate into minimal maintenance requirements, allowing the pergola to stand as a stylish and virtually self-sustaining addition to your patio or terrace. When the pergola's roof is closed, it provides crucial protection against UV rays—an invaluable feature amid rising summer temperatures.

The Titan Plus integrates a clever built-in drainage system that efficiently manages rainwater. Any precipitation that lands on the louvres is channelled into U-shaped canals, then guided into the guttering of the framework. From there, the water is directed through channels inside the pergola leg posts and safely drains away. This ingenious system operates discreetly, sparing you the sight of water cascading off the roof. Even when you open the louvres while they are wet, the U-shaped channels prevent rainwater from dripping beneath the sheltered area, ensuring both you and your furniture stay dry.

Assembling this pergola is a straightforward endeavour, although we recommend enlisting 2-3 individuals for safe lifting and assembly. The estimated assembly time is approximately 2 hours. To secure the pergola firmly to the ground, we provide expansion bolts as standard. For optimal stability, we advise mounting the pergola on a flat, solid, and hard surface, such as concrete bases. All pergolas must be securely bolted to the floor using the holes within each leg base plate. Typically, our pergolas do not necessitate planning permission. However, if you harbor any uncertainties, we encourage you to consult with your Local Planning Office.

We take immense pride in announcing that our pergola has received the prestigious Red Dot Design award, a globally recognized competition celebrating innovative product design. This accolade underscores the remarkable qualities of this pergola, affirming its suitability for your outdoor haven.

Please note that this pergola requires connection to mains electricity to power the louvres and LED lights. A generous 5m lead cable is included, providing ample reach to your nearest plug socket. These should be connected to an indoor socket or a suitably covered outdoor socket for safety.