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We have one of the biggest selection of Shrubs in Yorkshire!

Shrubs are woody plants, ranging from compact to expansive, have multiple stems and branches that create a dense, bushy appearance. With varieties like azaleas, hydrangeas, and pieris, shrubs provide enduring beauty and contribute to the overall landscape design.

In the garden, shrubs serve various purposes. They act as natural dividers, forming hedges that define boundaries or provide privacy. Many shrubs are evergreen, ensuring year-round greenery and adding visual interest in all seasons. Flowering shrubs, like lilacs and forsythias, bring bursts of colour, creating vibrant focal points or borders.

Shrubs are also valuable for attracting wildlife, offering shelter and food for birds and insects. Some, like butterfly bushes, specifically attract pollinators, contributing to a thriving ecosystem. With minimal care, shrubs enhance the garden's structure and aesthetics, requiring less maintenance compared to annuals.

Whether you seek privacy, colour, or a foundation for your garden design, at Spring Green Nurseries Garden Centre we have one of the biggest selections in the whole of Yorkshire.

Shrubs are woody plants that create a dense bushy appearance