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Winter Plants

A touch of colour through the Winter months

Winter bedding and winter plants are the resilient heroes that bring life and colour to your garden during the colder months. These hardy plants, including pansies, violas, and winter-flowering heathers, are specially chosen for their ability to withstand chilly temperatures and even frost, providing a burst of vibrancy when other plants may be dormant.

In the garden, winter bedding plants serve as the saviours of colour and visual interest during the colder seasons. They are typically planted in the fall, offering a cheerful display of flowers and foliage when most plants are taking a rest. Their cold tolerance allows them to thrive in the crisp winter air, creating a welcoming atmosphere in your outdoor space.

Winter plants also play a crucial role in supporting pollinators during the colder months. Some, like winter-flowering heathers, provide essential nectar for bees, ensuring a food source when other flowers may be scarce. Additionally, their evergreen foliage contributes to the garden's structure and visual appeal throughout the winter.

We have a large selection of winter plants here at Spring Green Nurseries Garden Centre. Our options include berries, flowers and colourful foliage giving you plenty of different options through the winter months while we wait for Spring.

We have a large selection of Winter Plants