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We have thousands of roses to choose from including varieties for most occasions

Roses are woody perennials and come in various types, including hybrid teas, floribundas, and climbers. Each type has its unique characteristics, with hybrid teas known for their elegant, solitary blooms, floribundas for their abundant clusters, and climbers for their graceful ascent on structures.

In the garden, roses serve as ornamental focal points, adding elegance and charm to any landscape. Their diverse colors, from classic reds to soft pastels, allow for creative garden designs. Beyond aesthetics, roses attract pollinators like bees, enhancing the biodiversity of the garden.

Different types of roses also offer various uses. Hybrid teas are prized as cut flowers, bringing their beauty indoors. Floribundas create lush, vibrant borders, while climbers transform walls and arbors into living tapestries. Additionally, roses are known for their fragrance, infusing the air with delightful scents.

At Spring Green Nurseries we have thousands of roses to choose from. We have varieties for most occasions, birthdays and anniversaries.

Roses in bloom