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Hanging Baskets

A burst of colour for your garden

Hanging baskets are an extension of your garden, suspended from hooks or structures to add a burst of colour and greenery to your outdoor spaces. These baskets typically contain a mix of flowering plants and trailing foliage, creating a stunning display at eye level. They serve as versatile garden accents, suitable for balconies, porches, or anywhere with a bit of overhead space.

The beauty of hanging baskets lies in their ability to maximize growing potential. They bring life to vertical spaces, turning ordinary areas into vibrant showcases of blooms and foliage. Hanging baskets not only provide an enchanting visual spectacle but also save ground space, making them perfect for small gardens or urban settings.

At Spring Green Nurseries Garden Centre we take pride in growing thousands of hanging baskets each year. Our dedicated team nurtures a diverse array of plants, ensuring that every hanging basket we offer is a ready-made masterpiece.

Colourful hanging baskets