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3M Square Titan Aluminium Pergola


Behold the Titan 3m Square Aluminium Pergola in a sleek Grey finish - a design that has earned accolades and promises to elevate your outdoor area with style and functionality.

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Behold the Titan 3m Square Aluminium Pergola in a sleek Grey finish - a design that has earned accolades and promises to elevate your outdoor area with style and functionality.

Crafted entirely from robust aluminium, this striking pergola boasts 100% waterproof and weather-resistant qualities, ensuring its enduring presence in your outdoor space. The design incorporates UV protection, safeguarding it from the fading and wear typically triggered by intense heat while providing a protective shield against harmful UV rays for you and your loved ones. These exceptional weatherproof features translate to minimal maintenance requirements, allowing the pergola to stand as a stunning addition to your patio or terrace, virtually self-sufficient.

Notably, this collection of pergolas showcases a TIGER Drylac powder coating finish, offering enhanced protection compared to standard powder coating and exhibiting superior durability.

This pergola is your key to extending your outdoor season. Thanks to its adjustable double-layer louvres, you can seamlessly transition between a closed, sheltered oasis and an open-roof concept, allowing the sunshine to pour in. This versatility ensures you can enjoy your outdoor space even when the weather takes a turn for the worse. Moreover, the pergola offers the freedom to bask in sunlight or seek shade, complete with a fully waterproof roof ready to shield you from sudden downpours—a quintessential feature for the unpredictable British weather!

The pergola's ingenious built-in drainage system eliminates the need to manually open the louvred roof for water drainage. Any rainwater that lands on the louvres flows into U-shaped channels, directing it away from the roof and into channels integrated into the pergola framework. Within the horizontal framework, rainwater journeys into the hollow pergola legs and then flows vertically to the ground. This ingenious system ensures a discreet water drainage process, sparing you from the sight of water cascading off the pergola. Even if you were to open the louvres while they are wet, the U-shaped channels prevent rainwater from dripping beneath the sheltered area.

Assembling this pergola is a straightforward task, but we recommend enlisting the help of 2-3 individuals for safe lifting and assembly. The estimated assembly time is approximately 2 hours. To secure the pergola firmly to the ground, we provide expansion bolts as standard. For optimal stability, we advise mounting the pergola on a flat, solid, and hard surface, such as concrete bases. It is strongly recommended that all pergola legs be securely bolted to the floor using the pre-drilled holes within each leg base plate.

Rest assured, our pergolas typically do not necessitate planning permission. However, if you have any doubts, we always recommend reaching out to your Local Planning Office for clarification.

Notably, this pergola design has earned the prestigious Red Dot Design Award—a testament to its suitability for your outdoor haven.