The majority of our bedding plants are grown here, by us. We grow a massive range of 6-pack bedding plants as well as trailing plants for hanging baskets and tubs. We plant up our own Tubs and Hanging baskets which are available from April-June. If cared for correctly, bedding plants will give you colour all summer long.

One particular plant we pride ourselves in and are well known for growing are Geraniums. Customers return year after year for them and its simply because of the quality, not to mention the choice of colours and varieties we offer!

Bedding Plants

Most of our bedding plants are grown here, by us. We have a wide range of plants to suit everyone's tastes. Perfect for tubs, planters and in the garden.

Whilst most people want colour through the Summer months, we also have a selection of Winter bedding plants. Colour all year round!

Trailing Plants

We grow hundreds of different trailing plants perfect for hanging baskets and planters. With far too many varieties to name, Geraniums, Fuchsias and Surfinias are just some of the main ones you will find here.


People come from miles around each year for our Geraniums. We grow over 20,000 plants and class ourselves as experts. As you can imagine, the range of colours and varieties is vast and the quality is second to none. We are sure you'll find what you're looking for. 

Hanging Baskets

Do you want all the colour that a hanging basket brings to the garden without the hassle of planting it yourself? If so, you're in luck!

We plant up hundereds of hanging baskets in a selection of different basket styles and sizes. We make sure that we plant them up with as much variety at possible to suit everyones colour schemes. 

Tubs & Planters

Similar to the hanging baskets, we also sell planted tubs and planters made from wood, plastic and pot.

These are a perfect way to add colour to any patio or garden!

Dont Know? Just ask!

Whether you're a novice gardener or an expert. If you are unsure about anything or want any advice, please just ask! Every member of staff here at Spring Green Nurseries is involved with the growing of our plants and we pride ourselves in giving free advice and knowledge to anyone who needs it.

Rest assured, you may come here with a question or be looking for advice and we will do everything we can to ensure you leave with the answers!