Weed Killers

A Weed Killers obvious aim is the kill the weeds. The area in which you are trying to kill the weeds changes what type of weed killer you are able to use.

Some Weed Killers are safe to use around plants, some will kill anything they touch, for this reason it is important to use the correct weed killer for the area you are treating.

When treating weeds within the lawn you aren't able to use a general weed killer as this will kill the grass as well as the weeds. There are specific weed killers that are tailored to kill the weeds and leave the grass unharmed.

Our Weed Killers are generally available in ready mix sprayers for easy application or in a concentrate that you mix yourself when covering larger areas. Saches can be added to watering cans for quick applications in specific areas.

Some weed killers are pet and child friendly however some require pets and children to be excluded from the area before and after treatment. Please read the care instructions carefully or ask for help if you are unsure.