Although roses are classed as an old fashioned plant, they are still very popular and we find that more and more people are planting roses each year.

We try to offer as much selection as possible, constantly changing the varieties that we get in so that there is always something different to choose. 

Hybrid Tea roses still seem to be the most popular, this could be because Hybrid Tea Roses produce very large, perfectly formed 'bud flowers' most of which are usually scented. Each stem usually holds a single flower with sparse foliage at the base. Hybrid Teas have a broad colour palette, which includes many bright, vibrant shades.

Floribunda roses were created by crossing Hybrid Tea and Polyantha roses together. This created a rose that produces masses of flowers in large clusters. Although not normally known for their scent, there aren't many other plants which can produce colour over such a long season.

We also sell a selection of David Austin roses. All have beautiful blooms and in most cases, wonderful fragrance held on graceful attractive shrubs. For those looking for an old English rose that ticks all of the boxes, these are definitely the choice to make.