There is no rule as such on what plants can be used as heding and more people are trying to create hedges out of different plants to add colour rather than just a wall of green, one particular plant that has come popular as a heding plant is the Photinia, it comes in a number of colours and vatiations and creates a complete screen with colour throughout the year.

We find the most popular hedging plant used currently is the Common Laurel, it is fast growing and very hardy. Laurels are something we grow every year and come in a number of sizes. 

Alongside Photinias and Laurels, we also carry in stock Leylandii, Hedging Yews and Buxus,  plus lots more.

When planting large heding plants we recommend to plant them at 1 metre centres. This gives the plants enough space to root up and ensures that the end result will be a thick and healthy hedge. Once established, feeding at the beginning of the season keeps the leaves looking healthy and dark in colour.