Dwarf Conifers

Dwarf conifers make wonderful feature plants in small gardens. Most of them are evergreen so provide colour all year round. In bigger gardens where space isn't limited, dwarf conifers are ideal to mix into beds amongst larger plants. By mixing different varieties, you are able to get a contrast in texture and colours which vary from ice blue to vibrant gold.

We try to give as many size, shape and colour options and have over 25 varieties of Dwarf conifers available on show to ensure you find what you're looking for.

Larger Specimens

If you're looking for larger conifers to use as individual feature tree's or screening, this is something we also have in stock. Our larger growing specimens that are in stock start at around 2-3feet in size whilst the larger ones can be upwards of 10-12feet tall.

We have various different colours and sizes that are available throughout most of the year. Traditionally a large selection of plants come in stock around November time which is when we get some of our biggest specimens.


Leylandii is still a very popular plant that are used for hedging. We still continue to grow Leylandii on the nursery and have a large amount of plants available between 5-6feet tall.

We are able to source larger conifers for anyone looking to create an instant hedge or looking to patch up where a conifer has died.

As well as Leylandii we also have many other varieties which are not quite as fast growing however are perfectly suitable for hedging.